Our three-year program is designed for working professionals and seeks to produce exemplary educational leaders for schools, community colleges, and related educational areas. A partnership between the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and the Department of Public Policy and Administration, the program takes advantage of its location in California’s capital by utilizing the expertise of education policymakers and analysts, as well as executive leaders in K-12 and the community colleges.

Focusing on the three interrelated themes of transformational leadership, critical policy analysis and action, and informed decision making, the program prepares graduates for positions as:

  • School principal
  • School district superintendent
  • Community college administrator
  • Governmental analyst
  • Student services administrator
  • Community outreach program administrator
  • Many, many more…

Graduates of this program will be better prepared to lead the educational environments that promote learning, equity, and achievement for all students. Armed with real-world, problem-based learning, program graduates will be ready to manage the complexities of educational organizations, affect school change processes, and shape the educational policies that bear on the practice of education in the public setting.


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Faculty, student and alumni perspectives about the Sacramento State Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program

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