Bilingual educators introduced to ‘Stories of Success’ to help immigrant students

(l-r): Dr. Rose Borunda, Olivia Gallardo, and Veronica O’Campo, at the California Regional Conference for Parents and Para-Educators

Veronica O’Campo, College Coordinator for the Migrant Education Advisor Program (MEAP), co-presented with Dr. Rose Borunda at the California Regional Conference for Parents and Para-Educators at the Sacramento Arden West Hilton on January 25. They presented to 20 Spanish-speaking paraeducators and parents about the recently completed bilingual publication, “Cuentos de Exito/Stories of Success.” The publication presents, side-by-side in Spanish and English, the story of an immigrant family’s challenges in getting to know and understand the educational system in the United States.

A lively discussion at the conference fostered knowledge about this free publication, which is available on the EDD Faculty Webpage. Participants were encouraged to share the publication with their friends, family and coworkers so that the story — which is a weaving of qualitative data from two CSUS doctoral dissertations by Dr. Fermin Irigoyen and Dr. Viridiana Diaz — can be credited for their foundational work.

While attending the one-day conference, Ms. O’Campo and Dr. Borunda connected with Dr. Borunda’s University of San Francisco doctoral mentor, Dr. Olivia Gallardo, retired faculty from CSU East Bay who is now working for P2Inspire. Dr. Gallardo and members of one of the Spanish speaking groups from Project Inspire in Los Angeles, along with MEAP Advisors from the Sacramento region, vetted “Cuentos de Exito” prior to publication.

Co-Authors of “Cuentos de Exito” will next present at the National Association of Chicana/o Scholars in Irvine, California. Dr. Borunda is a Professor and M.S. in Counseling and a member of the core faculty of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Sacramento State.


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