Professor Nevarez’s leadership book continues to dominate bestseller rankings

Nevarez Book 2010In 2010, Dr. Carlos Nevarez, with co-author J. Luke Wood, filled in important void in the college and university administration literature – which had long overlooked the distinctive preparation of leaders in the American community college system – with the publication of Community College Leadership and Administration: Theory, Practice, and Change.

The national focus on community colleges by the Obama administration and the increasing turnover among community college executives rapidly created a burgeoning market for the book. Six positive reviews of the book in separate peer-reviewed journals helped to cement the volume as a go-to source for even the most seasoned of college leaders.

Since its release by the Peter Lang Publishing Group, the book has maintained a dominant edge among leadership textbooks, with innumerable community college doctoral programs and leadership institutes using the volume as a core text in training college leaders. The book has reached and sustained rankings as a bestseller through Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. For several years, the textbook has been a consistent top 10 seller at Barnes and Noble in the category of College and University Administration (currently ranked #7). The book also recently ranked #6 in Economic Theory (given the strong Economic Development mission of community colleges) this year on Amazon.

“We could not have imagined how successful the book would have been,” says Nevarez, Professor of Educational Leadership and Executive Editor for the Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies at Sacramento State.

An updated second edition of Community College Leadership is anticipated this fall.

“It has been an honor to have been, and still be, at the forefront of preparing our college leaders to better support community college students and advance the complex missions of their institutions,” says Nevarez, who added that he hopes to extend the legacy of this work with the second edition.

“As community colleges continue to evolve, so must the preparation of those who lead these important institutions,” he says. “Our next edition will include coverage of the numerous changes that have occurred in the past few years and delve deeper into the dynamic roles of instructional leaders in these institutions.”

Nevarez has published two additional books on community college leadership: Leadership Theory and the Community College: Applying Theory to Practice (2013), and Ethical Leadership and the Community College: Paradigms, Decision-Making, and Praxis (2014).

He is currently working on a textbook on institutional change.

Find the current edition of Community College Leadership and other titles by Nevarez at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.



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