UCLA journal reviewer lauds 2nd edition of Chicana studies primer by Sac State professor

SFTH-2_coverDescribing it as perhaps “the most accessible, woman-focused introduction to Chicana/o histories available,” Linda Heidenreich from Washington State University, Pullman reviews the second edition of “Speaking from the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina, and Amerindian Women” by Sacramento State professor Rose M. Borunda and Melissa Moreno, a professor at Woodland Community College.

Heidenreich’s review in Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies from UCLA introduces students to major events in Chicano/a history and reminds readers to “deconstruct the master narrative, the history we have often been taught in schools and society.”

By setting Dr. Borunda’s family narrative against historical events, such as the Bracero Program and the United Farm Workers boycott, along with and census data and formally refereed sources, “Speaking from the Heart” is a good example of the interdisciplinary research that many professors require of their students.

“Speaking from the Heart is clearly a teacher’s text,” Heidenreich writes. “Its careful framing, accessible historical narratives, and discussion questions make it uniquely suitable for lower-division college and university classrooms.”

The second edition of Speaking from the Heart is available from Kendall Hunt Publishing.

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