Join us at noon today! Brown Bag Lunch Series – Dr. Porfirio Loeza

Join us today for the Sacramento State EDD Brown Bag Lunch Series.

Dr. Porfirio Loeza, Ed.D. Professor
“You Also Have Your Favorite Ones!”: A Case Study of How Two Bilingual Children Construct “Success” in School”

“Success,” and by default “failure,” are realities in every educational institution. Arguably, the end of the term report card is a cumulative summation of a student’s performance. Yet, this “success” or “failure” gets socially constructed and is differentially displayed in classrooms. In this study, Dr. Loeza explores the nature and dynamics of classroom events and how school related success becomes differentially displayed. This exploration is based on the close observation of the classroom social lives of two kindergartners, Ivet and Paco. Both of these students were in the same bilingual classroom in an East Oakland elementary school. Each child was selected by their teacher; one that she considered “successful” and another one that was “not as successful.”

Come join the discussion! Eureka Hall RM 313E! Bring your lunch!

Brown Bag Lunch Series Flyer April 2016

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