Dr. Rose Borunda: Successful Education Summit at the 30th Annual California Indian Conference!

Last week, CSUS Ed.D faculty Dr. Rose Borunda participated at the 30th Annual California Indian Conference! Dr. Borunda, along with current Ed.D doctoral student Susan Olsen, shared with us their experience at the California Indian Conference:

Dr. Borunda“This was the first Education Summit designed for the California Indian Conference, which was held this year at U.C. Berkeley. The Summit evolved from work of Dr. Crystal Martinez-Alire, graduate of the CSUS EDD Program, and myself… and supported by former Research Assistant, Samantha Britto-Jacoby and now new R.A., Susan Olsen. This was a concerted effort by a cross-disciplinary committee representing academia to regional parks to tribal communities in an effort to initiate a change in public & private school curriculum related to California Indians with content provided by California Indian cultural/historical experts. Teachers who attended walked away from the Conference with material to implement in their classrooms. It has already been decided that the future conferences will include an “Education Summit.” Next year, the conference will be hosted by San Diego State University.”

Ed.D Doctoral Student Susan Olsen: “The California Indian Summit was a great success. The teachers walked away with lesson plans and resources to use in their classes and make immediate changes to the way they teach about California history, geography and agriculture. It was so educational for me to have the stories told from leaders from the Native American communities in California. I can’t wait for the next summit, I will definitely tell all my teacher colleagues and friends about the importance of this summit and encourage them to attend.”

Check out Dr. Borunda in action at the Conference!


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