Dr. Rose Borunda is Collaborating

Dr. Rose Borunda has been collaborating extensively with current students and graduates from the California State University Sacramento Doctorate in Educational Leadership program. Here are a few updates:

Dr. Valinda Frost is presenting to Dr. Borunda’s M.S. in Counseling students on the findings of her doctoral research endeavor; “The Effects of Educational Policy on Criminal Peer Abuse.” Raising the capacity of counselors in training to prevent and intervene in relational violence is one of the ways in which Dr. Frost’s work is making a difference.

Dr. Crystal Martinez-Alire is presenting with Dr. Borunda at the Native American Culture Days at U.C. Davis this spring. Their presentation is entitled, Embracing American Indian Ways of Educating: Restoring Culturally Imbedded Practices while Building Pathways towards Student Success.  The research leading to this presentation has led to culturally responsive pilot curriculum related to California Indians being implemented in two California Public Schools. Additionally, Dr. Martinez-Alire, Dr. Borunda, and Research Assistant, Samantha Britto-Jacoby, will present with these educators on the development of this curriculum at the Multicultural Conference that will be hosted at CSUS.

Dr. Borunda will additionally be presenting at the U.C. Davis Native American Culture Days Conference with co-author Dr. Melissa Moreno, Professor & Coordinator of the Ethnic Studies program at Woodland Community College, on the 2nd edition of their book entitled, Speaking from the Heart.

Dr. Fermin Irigoyen and Dr. Viridiana Diaz, graduates of the EDD program, are collaborating with Dr. Borunda, Dr. Romero, Dr. Loeza, and Dr. Amber Gonzalez in creation of a published narrative that follows the successful navigation of public schools. The narratives are inspired by the content of Dr. Irigoyen and Dr. Diaz’s dissertations and will be distributed throughout Spanish speaking communities.

Doctoral Candidates, Chris Knisely and Cassidy Isch, will be presenting this semester in Dr. Borunda’s M.S. in Counseling classes in preparation for their doctoral dissertation defense. Candidate Knisely will present in Dr. Borunda’s Trauma & Crisis class. His topic is “Bridging Behavior Health and Education: Strengthening School Safety Through Behavioral Health Intervention in Higher Education. Candidate Isch will present in Dr. Borunda’s Organization of School Counseling programs on the findings of his research entitled, When Two Cultures Cross: Perceptions of Educational Leaders on the Factors that Support the Missionary Kid’s Re-Entry Process to Their Home Culture.

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